Online services

Efficient. Easy-to-use. Secure.

Desjardins Insurance offers a range of advanced tools and services to make your life – and the lives of your plan members –  easier. With our online services, you and your plan members have everything you need to manage your plan simply and efficiently.

For plan administrators

We know every client has different needs. That's why we offer administrators two different solutions for their plan management. Whether your plan has a few dozen members or a few thousand, we have all the tools you need.

Secure site
for plan administrators
  • Comprehensive management of plan member records
  • Autosave for incomplete enrolments
  • Transaction histories
  • Monthly premium statements
  • Reports to track plan performance
  • Guides and forms
  • Online billing
  • Online training
  • And much more
Transfer of electronic data (TED)
  • Management of plan member records using your own administrative systems
  • Data sync with Desjardins Insurance's systems


For plan members

We also offer plan members some of the industry's most advanced online services. Since they manage a portion of their plans themselves, they also enjoy unparalleled flexibility while saving your administrators time.

Secure site for plan members
  • Online claims for a variety of extended healthcare services
  • Confirm drug coverage
  • Access to their personal information
  • Management of dependants and coordination of benefits
  • Reports for income tax purposes
  • Guides and forms
  • Ability to print payment cards
  • Single sign-on with the secure site for group retirement savings
  • Access to the Health is Cool 360° platform
  • Fraud prevention
  • And much more
Point-of-care claim submissionIn partnership with TELUS Health, Desjardins Insurance plan members are able to submit claims through their extended healthcare provider.


Your data is safe with us!

All of Desjardins Insurance's secure sites have strong encryption protocols to protect your information. When you use our site, you can rest assured that you're in a secure environment —because knowing that your personal data is secure lets you concentrate on what's really important to you.

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