6 months until you retire

You're going to be retired before you know it! And, if everything's on track, all your planning should already be paying off. The next few months are just a matter of fine-tuning some minor details so you can enjoy your hard-earned retirement.

But if you haven't already got a jump on your retirement planning, it's not too late to set up an action plan, even if you'll have to make some adjustments based on your retirement date.

If you've already got a plan, but you haven't made much headway, you can start by updating it.

Money matters

Create a retirement budget

This budget (PDF, 382 KB) will help you:

  • Get a better idea of your new financial priorities and how much money you're going to need
  • Figure out where your income will be coming from
  • Determine whether the retirement date you've chosen is realistic

Tips from an expert

Talk to a representative or a financial planner about…

Talk to your employer so you can…

  • Determine how much income you'll be getting from your group retirement savings plan
  • Find out which group insurance coverages you can keep after you retire

Contact government agencies:

  • The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or the government agency responsible for your provincial pension plan
  • The government agency responsible for your provincial healthcare plan to update your status and sign up for any applicable programs

Meet a representative

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5 musts for a successful retirement*

  1. Have enough money to live comfortably (26%)
  2. Have time for leisure activities (13%)
  3. Have enough money for basic needs (13%)
  4. Have a flexible schedule (11%)
  5. Be in good health (11%)

* Source: Desjardins Financial Security's 2008 National Retirement Survey.