Health and well-being

You and your loved ones can access these services anytime, whenever you need it, whether you’re healthy or going through a more difficult time.

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Health support

Your health is a priority. We help you protect it.

Desjardins Insurance is committed to the financial, physical and emotional well-being of its members and clients. That’s why we offer a number of free assistance services.

You can call the Desjardins Insurance phone assistance service at any time to get advice from a nursing professional about various health matters, including nutrition, vaccination, childcare, medication and the use of natural products.

Support every step of the way


Call us for information and advice.

When you’re diagnosed

Get a second opinion on your diagnosis and treatment plan from leading medical specialists from world-renowned institutions.

During treatment and recovery

Speak with a psychologist or a health assistance team that can arrange the services you need during recovery.

A few stats

According to a July 2017 online survey conducted by Redfern Research for Consumer Health Products Canada:

  • 53% of Canadians find it difficult to judge the reliability of information on health risk in the media
  • 36% of Canadians find it difficult to find information on how to manage health problems like stress and depression
  • 35% of Canadians find it difficult to judge different treatment options

Canadians who are better informed about health issues tend to enjoy better health.