360° drug cost simulator

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The more you know, the less you pay

Desjardins Insurance’s Claim 360° mobile app now includes a very useful tool: the enhanced 360° drug cost simulator and pharmacy finder. Our simulator—now on mobile—has been a popular item since it was launched last year, and now it has even more to offer. It’s also the first smart tool of its kind to be launched nationwide.


A better experience for insureds

Practical and easy to use, our simulator makes it simple for insureds to check their coverage right in the doctor’s office, and it tells them right away if their drug requires prior authorization. Not only that, it also:

  • Shows insureds approximately how much they’ll have to pay at the pharmacy
  • Shows the average price of any available generic equivalent to help them save money
  • Locates nearby pharmacies
  • Compares the cost of their drug in different pharmacies (except in Quebec1)
  • Tells them if their plan includes Active Pharmacy or a preferred pharmacy network

Something for everyone

Our tool gives insureds more information about drug costs so they can make informed decisions and take control of their drug expenses without ever compromising their health. By using their drug insurance responsibly, insureds can have a positive impact on their group insurance plan costs and help ensure its sustainability.

Curious and want to download the Claim 360° app? The app is free and available for iPhone©, iPad©, iPod touch© and AndroidTM for plans that allow online claims submission.

1. In Quebec, the tool locates nearby pharmacies, but itdoesn’t show prices.