Gregory Chrispin, CFA, ICDD

Executive Vice-President, Wealth Management and Life and Health Insurance, Desjardins Group

President and Chief Executive Officer, Desjardins Financial Security

Gregory Chrispin 


  • Oversees the development of solutions and products geared to the specialized savings and life and health insurance needs of our members and clients
  • Supports the integrated distribution of these products in the caisse network and the complementary networks
  • Oversees the activities of Desjardins Securities, Desjardins Investments, Desjardins Global Asset Management and Desjardins Financial Security
  • Serves as a Director of Northwest & Ethical Investments L.P.


Gregory has a bachelor’s degree in math (actuarial science) from Université de Montréal. He began his career at a major Canadian insurance company and has worked in the financial sector for more than 30 years. He has also held a variety of strategic roles in Canada’s specialized investment product industry.