What’s on your financial wish list this holiday season?


For most hard-working Canadians, balancing holiday expenses with financial commitments can be a challenge. If this juggling act sounds familiar, it may be time to write a financial wish list as a first step to enjoying a worry-free holiday season:

  • I want to keep saving and control my expenses
  • I want my family to feel financially secure
  • I want the money I earn to work for me
  • I want to live debt-free

You can easily adopt these 3 simple steps to avoid extra expenses during this holiday season:


1. Set a holiday budget now and stick to it

Decide how much you want to spend on gifts, entertaining, travel, etc. Do your research now to find the best deals available and don’t wait until the last minute when your choices will be limited!


2. Pay it off ASAP!

Divide your total costs by the number of weeks left before the holidays and pay down your bills by that much every week.


3. Plan for next year

Now that you have a holiday budget, start saving regularly for next year’s budget.

As you plan ahead, it is important to consider contingencies that could prevent you from saving or making your current loan payments.

Did you know that loan insurance can cover your debts?

Chances are you have more than one loan, but do you have a plan for covering the repayments should an accident or illness prevent you from meeting your commitments?

Your home and your other possessions are both your most valuable assets and your biggest liabilities. Desjardins Insurance loan insurance portfolio can protect you and your loved ones’ quality of life by paying your debts when you can’t (PDF, 3.8 MB) Opens in a new window..

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