Make an investment in your health with a medical check-up


Most people would agree that their health is their most valuable asset. Unfortunately, nearly one in three Canadians will experience at least one period of disability lasting 90 days or more before age 65.1 Taking preventive measures can help you identify your own personal risks and take charge of your health.

That includes going for regular check-ups as recommended by your doctor. A comprehensive health check-up is an opportunity to discuss your mental and physical health and general well-being. It also helps you understand your risk factors for developing a disability and alerts you to potential health problems

It’s an ideal opportunity to ask questions about your test results and next steps. Be proactive by booking your next exam before you leave the doctor’s office.

Dealing with an unexpected disability

An unexpected disability can leave you unable to work or earn income. It can occur suddenly, for example after an accident or heart attack, but it can also be caused by common issues such as stress, fatigue or back pain. It can also be caused by a chronic or degenerative disease (cancer, depression, multiple sclerosis, etc.). If you can’t work due to disability, not only are you not earning any income, but you still have bills to pay, and maybe even new expenses tied to your disability (treatment sessions, medical equipment, home retrofitting, etc.).

Evaluating your actual needs

It’s important to review your current coverage, either by yourself or with your life and health insurance representative. Gather together all the information you need to get an accurate picture of your disability or critical illness insurance coverage and the payments it provides. The goal is to have the right coverage at the right time.

An unexpected disability can be hard on your finances. Prevention and planning can help you deal with the repercussions.

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