Practice positive thinking while you stay at home


Our top priority is to support you during this uncertain time. The well-being of you and your loved ones is important to us, so we want to offer some advice, from us and our partners.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all. We’re facing a new reality, which can be challenging on both a personal and professional level. Things are changing quickly, and we all have a lot questions: How long will the pandemic last? What’s going to happen after it’s over?

Whether we work from home, are unemployed or work for an essential service, many of us are dealing with a feeling of uncertainty, which can stir up negative emotions like fear and anxiety.

How can I avoid major repercussions on my health from stress?

To help you get through these exceptional times with a bit more ease, it’s absolutely essential to nurture your mental health and maintain your sense of well-being. A positive attitude will give you strength and energy to face challenges more easily, while continuing to enjoy some of life’s little pleasures.

Here are a few tips we’re offering, along with our partner Novus Health, to encourage positive thinking to help you improve your resilience and prevent the negative effects of stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to adopt a positive attitude during the COVID-19 pandemic

Practise physical distancing, but embrace social connectedness!

  • Stay informed about COVID-19, but take breaks from social media and the news
  • Get involved in your community, while keeping your distance from others, but helping them feel included
  • Engage in healthy activities and encourage your loved ones to follow your example
  • Open up to people you can trust, and get help and advice when you need it
  • Stay active and eat a healthy diet

Are you working from home?

  • Use videoconferencing tools for meetings
  • Stay in touch with your colleagues on a regular basis
  • Try to keep flexible work hours so you can be there for your children, your parents and your social network
  • Stick to a schedule, including time for breaks and looking after yourself
  • Share reliable and free resources with your loved ones and colleagues

This advice will help you improve your resilience and make you feel more in control, while encouraging your participation. We want you to know that no matter what happens, we’ll continue to be here for you like we always have. We’ll get through this together—and we’ll come out stronger than ever!

Helpful links for support:

Financial support: Canada’s economic response plan External link. Opens in a new window.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) COVID-19 and mental health External link. Opens in a new window.

ONLINE RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH: Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 External link. Opens in a new window.

UNICEF How to talk to your child about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) External link. Opens in a new window.