Liaison Newsletter – 2014 articles

Compliance with CRA guideline on taxation of disability benefits
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) now requires that taxes be withheld on disability benefits.

Prescription opioid addiction raises concerns
The rate of opioid-related deaths in Canada has reached epidemic proportions.

The health effects of shift work
Fatigue has a harmful effect on physical and cognitive performance.

Health benefit plans: trends and areas for improvement
Health benefit plans: trends and areas for improvement.

Meditation: a solution for improving employee health and well-being
Meditation in the workplace has a long list of benefits.

Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP)
The deadlines for setting up a VRSP are as follows:

A Diabetes Charter for Canada
The Charter was created to empower Canadians with diabetes and their caregivers

Education and training: Essential to reducing healthcare costs
Learn more about easy and inexpensive ways for small and medium-sized businesses to improve workplace health and wellness.

Helping young employees succeed on the job
Employers need to better understand the issues relating to the psychological health of millennials.

Brush up on your oral health: locate information to find the care you need and keep costs down
This article will provide you with the resources you need to care for your teeth.