Liaison Newsletter – 2015 articles

Electronic cigarettes: smoke-free, but are they risk-free?
No manufacturing standards apply to electronic cigarettes, the make-up of the liquids they contain isn’t fully disclosed and it varies greatly from product to product.

Recognition and appreciation make employees happier
Lack of recognition is considered the second leading cause of psychological distress, after overwork. It also makes workers four times more likely to experience intense stress on the job.

2015 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey : employers underestimate how much of their workforce suffers from chronic health conditions
Since employers are unaware of just how prevalent chronic conditions are among their workforce, they tend to underestimate the long-term repercussions on their business.

Personalized medicine set to revolutionize healthcare
Personalized medicine will have a huge impact on how drugs are used.

Understanding prescription drug shortages

Getting the most out of health evaluations
Educating employees and motivating them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

How smart office design supports the wellness and productivity of your people
The spaces people occupy and their work stations also have to support their everyday work.