Employee stock purchase plan

A employee stock purchase plan offers compensation tied to the market value of a company’s shares. This type of plan is a nice addition to a retirement savings plan and cannot be offered as a stand-alone product. These plans are established on behalf of the company and administered by a financial institution.



  • Straightforward administration (by Desjardins Insurance)
  • A strong and experienced partner
  • Increased employee commitment and loyalty to the company
  • Attract and retain top talent


  • Contribute to the company’s growth and success


• This plan is associated with a savings plan (RRSP, spousal RRSP, DPSP, EPSP, TFSA, non-registered plan)

Employer contributions

  • Incentives can be offered through matching employee contributions or discounts
  • Contributions and administrative fees are tax-deductible

Employee contributions

  • Contributions by payroll deduction


  • Choice of the unitized method or the book entry method


  • Company shares only