Group retirement savings plan participant services

Our Participant Services External link. Opens in a new window. site has useful information to help your employees plan their retirement. With engaging, easy-to-use tools, the site delivers a great user experience.

On Target Retirement helps your employees set a retirement goal and track their progress anywhere, any time. The tool shows them how to reach their goal and even recommends things they can do to stay on track.

Your employees also have quick access to all their investment information (account balance, transaction history, etc.) via the Participant Services website. They can enrol online, order a financial statement, perform transactions, view and make changes to their asset mix, rebalance their portfolio, change their investment instructions and transfer money between funds.

Customer Contact Centre

Your employees can count on quick, efficient and personalized service!

  • We’re available Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST
  • We can be reached toll-free from anywhere in Canada at 1 800 968-3587
  • We’re happy to provide service in English or French

We can help your employees with:

  • Finding information about their group retirement savings plan, their statement, their account balance, interest rates, unit values and rates of return on our mutual funds
  • Updating their profile
  • Finding information about investment options or answers to other general questions
  • Determining their investor profile and learning more about our range of funds
  • Changing their investment instructions
  • Transferring money from one fund to another
  • Finding forms and getting help filling them out
  • Getting answers to any questions about our website

Participant communications

Your way, plain and simple is the name of our communication and education program, which uses a unique E3 approach to entice, encourage and engage participants. Based on a multi-touch-point education strategy, the program helps your employees choose the approach that they prefer to learn about their plan and get involved in their retirement planning.

Our participant statements provide each of your employees with a personalized picture of their retirement savings and an overview of their transactions. For those who want to save paper, we make e-statements available via the Participant Services site.

Our participant statement also includes a newsletter which offers valuable and timely information about their group retirement savings plan.

Your way Desjardins application

The Your way Desjardins application is available on the App store and Google Play. It offers your employees education and information that will help them plan their retirement and set a financial goal. The app also provides easy access anywhere, anytime to the mobile and participant services websites.