Life, health and disability insurance

Protect yourself and your family from the financial impacts of an illness, an accident or death.

Why choose Desjardins?

  • Canada’s leading cooperative financial group
  • Exclusive discounts and advantages for Desjardins members
  • Over a century of experience
  • Competitive pricing on certain coverage combinations
  • 24/7 assistance services
  • Personalized advice

You are

New to the workforce and looking to put your money to work for you? Whatever your goals, you deserve the best financial guidance and support.

Learn more about the coverage for workers in early career

The financial choices you’ve made in the past have gotten you where you are today and the choices you make now will bring you to tomorrow. Make sure your loved ones have what they need to pay off your debts after you’re gone and protect yourself against the unexpected, like an accident or health problem.

Learn more about the coverage if you’re single or in a relationship and child-free

Family is what matters. There are many ways to protect their well-being – including making sure they have the means to carry on after you’re gone. It also means protecting yourself against the unexpected, like an accident or health problem.

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Do you have substantial assets and complex financial security needs? We have innovative, custom solutions that can help you preserve and protect your assets and leave an inheiritance.

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When you’re in business for yourself, you work hard for your money. Whether you’re a freleancer, a consultant or a business owner, you need a solid financial plan to protect your assets and help you deal with the unexpected.

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Starting to think about retirement? You’ve worked hard, so you want to enjoy yourself when you’re done with the daily grind. Start preparing now with coverage adapted to your needs!

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Life insurance

  • Term life insurance
  • Permanent life insurance
  • Universal life insurance

Health and disability insurance

  • Critical illness insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Healthcare insurance
  • Accident insurance


  • The TipSheet – provides helpful tips about life and health insurance and retirement savings products.
  • An online tool – to test your financial stability.