Accident insurance

Group insurance and provincial health plans won't cover all your accident-related expenses. Accirance Select accident insurance is affordable additional coverage you don’t want to pass up.

You don’t have to take chances to have an accident. People are injured every day just living their lives.

Ideal to

  • Protect your family and yourself against the financial consequences of an accident
  • Get affordable coverage without a medical exam
  • Be sure your benefits are in line with today’s realities

How Accirance Select accident insurance works

You can apply for Accirance Select at any age, but the policyholder must be 18 or over.

  • No medical exam or health questions
  • Quick and easy enrolment
  • 24/7 coverage anywhere in the world
  • Coverage for the most common serious injuries
  • The whole family can be insured under one policy—with premium discounts for each additional person

What we offer

Benefits that allow you to spend the money where you need it most.

Personalized coverage

  • Fracture, dismemberment or loss of use
  • Hospital and paramedical expenses: emergency transportation, hospitalization, nursing care, rental or purchase of orthotics, prosthetics, etc.
  • Accidental death
  • Educational expenses: private tutoring, transportation, retraining and tuition fees.

Assistance services

  • Psychological Assistance. A confidential service offered by psychologists who listen and provide support to help you get through tough times.
  • Convalescence Assistance – case management. A telephone service that can refer you to local home care resources to help with your recovery.

How to buy a policy

Call a representative today, answer a few questions and get this coverage for you and your family.


Most accidents leave you with nothing more than a big bruise on your thigh or a bandage around your finger. But some accidents are more serious. And it's these types of accidents that can have a huge impact on you physically, emotionally and financially. Here are Charlotte's, Jane's and Philip's stories.

"When I picked up my daughter Charlotte after she fell, I could tell from the way she was crying that something was wrong. The ER doctor told us she had broken her arm and needed a cast. And since she was only 3, they decided to keep her in the hospital overnight for observation.

I had to take a week off work without pay so I could stay home to take care of her. I didn't have group insurance, so I claimed the $1,500 benefit for the fracture and other expenses under the Accirance Select policy. This way, I could afford a nanny so I could go back to work.

You wouldn't believe how much an accident can cost! I'm so glad I took out this coverage. You pay a little… and get a lot! I couldn't have gotten through this experience without Accirance Select! This made me realize it was time to take out coverage for myself too."

"Money is the last thing on your mind when your doctor tells you that you'll never walk again after an accident. And yet, my accident had a much bigger financial impact than I could have ever imagined.

My disability income benefits couldn’t keep up with all the bills that kept coming in. Physio cost way more than what was covered under my group insurance. I also had transportation and homecare expenses that lasted well after I was released from the hospital. I had to get a wheelchair and pay a lot of money to retrofit my home. I also had to buy a specially equipped vehicle.

Without the $500,000 I got from Accirance Select, not only would I have had to wipe out all my RRSP savings, but I would have even had to go into debt!

The Convalescence Assistance service came in really handy too! I was able to get help finding expert services close by and arranging for a nurse, meal prep and homecare."

"I was up on my roof doing some work when I slipped and fell off. I broke my leg and forearm. I never imagined that an accident could have such a financial impact!

The special treatment I needed cost so much that I maxed out my group insurance benefits in no time at all. I had to rent crutches, take taxis to get around and get homecare. I wasn’t making any money while I was disabled, but the bills kept coming in.

Accirance Select paid me a benefit for my injuries and covered a lot of my expenses. Without this money, I would have had to use my savings to pay for all my accident-related expenses.

For several weeks, my wife also had to hold down the fort at home all by herself while working full-time. It was hard on everybody and frustrating for me because there was nothing I could do.

We took advantage of the free Psychological Assistance service that comes with Accirance Select. We were able to speak confidentially over the phone with an assistance coordinator who came up with some very helpful solutions."

Client services

For information about your contract or to change your address

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Assistance services

To find out more about the services included with your coverage

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Useful links

To learn more about Accirance, check out the Distribution Guide or the General Conditions, according to your situation. They contain everything you need to know about the product, including conditions, terms, exclusions and restrictions. They are available in the Suggested links.