Critical illness insurance - Basic coverage

Important: GetWell Insurance is currently unavailable. However, policies signed before December 31, 2017 remain in force.

​GetWell insurance is affordable coverage against the financial consequences of cancer, heart disease and infectious disease.

Ideal to

  • Receive a benefit on the first diagnosis of cancer, heart disease or infectious disease
  • Buy critical illness insurance over the phone—without a medical exam
  • Get affordable coverage starting at $7.95/month for adults
  • Get a full premium refund in the event of death

How GetWell Insurance works

On the first diagnosis of a covered critical illness, GetWell Insurance provides a tax-free lump-sum benefit.

  • $25,000 for insureds 54 or younger
  • $12,500 for insureds between the ages of 55 and 74
  • 50% of the benefit in the event of an infectious disease

Infectious disease coverage covers you in the event of the following: Bacterial meningitis, Lyme disease, flesh-eating disease, E. coli infection (hamburger disease) and West Nile virus.

What we offer

Pay only 1/2 the premium for an entire year! All the more reason to insure your whole familiy.

Customized solutions

  • Family discount. When you insure multiple family members under the same policy, you’ll save $2.50/month on the premiums for each additional person.
  • Premium refunds. If an insured dies while the policy is in force, all of the premiums paid will be refunded.

Assistance services

  • Psychological Assistance. Speak with a psychologist, either in person or by phone, when you need help with various problems.
  • Autonomy assistance. In the event of temporary or permanent loss of autonomy, a nurse will coordinate a wide range of non-medical home services to make life easier for you or your caregivers.
  • Second medical opinion. Get a second opinion on a medical condition from a renowned medical expert, who will perform an in-depth review of your medical records and history (by Best Doctors® registered trademark).


Heart and Stroke 
Desjardins Insurance has teamed up with the Heart & Stroke Foundation to minimize the financial consequences that can result from the treatment of heart disease. Heart & Stroke does not specifically endorse any products or services of a commercial nature. The funds paid to Heart & Stroke are used to help people suffering from heart disease.

Client services

For information about your contract or to change your address

1-844-768-8436 This link will launch your default phone software. (Monday to Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET)

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Assistance services

To find out more about the services included with your coverage

1-877-506-8392 This link will launch your default phone software. (available 24/7)

Useful links

To learn more about GetWell Insurance, check out the General Conditions, available in the Suggested links. It contains everything you need to know about the product, including conditions, terms, exclusions and restrictions.