Universal life insurance

Universal life insurance provides flexible coverage and a savings fund to help you grow your money tax-free.

Ideal to

  • Leave behind a large, tax-free inheritance
  • Invest money tax-free, if you’re debt-free and have maxed out your RRSP and TFSA contribution room
  • Reduce the tax burden on your estate

How universal life insurance works

A universal life insurance policy has 2 components:

  • A life insurance component: provides lifetime protection
  • An investment component: includes a savings fund where you can grow your money tax-free

You can use the savings fund to cover your premiums in future years or to increase your insurance amount.

What we offer

Maximize the value of your estate with a universal life insurance policy!

Personalized coverage

  • Amend your policy whenever your needs change, penalty-free after 5 years
  • Choose from over 30 diversified investment options

Additional coverages

  • An insurability guarantee that lets you increase your insurance benefit without having to provide evidence of insurability.
  • A monthly benefit to cover some or all of the cost of insurance in the event that the policyholder or an insured person becomes disabled.
  • A benefit in the event of an accident resulting in dismemberment, loss of use, or accidental death.

How to buy a policy

Make an appointment with a representative today. They’ll assess your financial needs and recommend a solution best-suited to your priorities.