Personal Finances Demystified in Four Easy Steps



Have you thought about your financial situation recently? To a lot of Canadians, financial planning simply means saving for retirement. Of Course that’s a big part of it, but it's only one aspect of the story. Whether you're a recent graduate looking to repay your debt, a professional with some money to invest, or a senior preparing a legacy for future generations, thoughtful financial planning is the key to reaching your goals.

If you find the whole idea of financial planning intimidating, you're not alone.

The following tips can help you get started:

1. Acknowledge your fears: Everyone has worries when it comes to personal finances. Whether it’s keeping to a budget or choosing between investment products, simply admitting you could use a little help is the first step.

2. Review your current situation: Take a moment to look at how you're doing things now. What's working and what's not? Do you have a budget or an investment strategy? Are you and your loved ones covered in case of an unexpected event? Are you behind on bill payments?

3. Prioritize: You can’t do it all at once. Prioritize 1 or 2 financial objectives. Your financial situation will change over the years so focus on the area most likely to allow you to pursue financial success.

4. Start today: Do a bit of research and then meet with a financial security advisor. These experts can explain the available options and guide you to find the solutions that best suit your goals.

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