Guaranteed investment funds

Helios2 is a guaranteed investment funds contract designed to help you meet your investment objectives while protecting what’s important to you: your savings, your estate or your retirement income.

Protect your savings at a reasonable cost without compromising on growth, while making it easier for your loved ones to receive payment in the event of the life assured’s death.

Receive a death benefit that is reset every year based on inflation or market growth, whichever is greater.

Receive retirement income that is guaranteed for life and will never decrease, even in market downturns.

Which kind of protection meets your needs?

Features Helios2 –
Helios2 –
75/100 i
Helios2 –
75/100 GLWB
Maturity benefit: Percentage of your capital that you’ll receive once the contract matures 75%
at age 105
at age 105
at age 105
Death benefit: Percentage of your capital that will be paid to your beneficiaries after the life assured’s death 75% 100%
readjusted based on inflation
Investment options 31 individual funds 5 investment solutions 31 individual funds 5 investment solutions 14 individual funds 4 investment solutions
Prompt payment of the death benefit: based on the type of beneficiary named and under certain conditions, payment may be made within 5 business days Inclus Inclus Inclus
Potential protection against creditors Inclus Inclus Inclus
Protection against inflation Not included Inclus Not included
Retirement income that’s guaranteed for life Not included Not included Inclus

How do you sign up for Helios2?

Set up an appointment with an advisor right away. They will evaluate your financial needs and recommend the solution that best matches your priorities.

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