A Three-Part Financial Safety Net

If something unexpected were to happen to you, would you be able to keep up with all of your payments?

Canadians are deeper in debt than ever before. The average Canadian household debt is now over $185,000* – the highest it’s ever been. That’s why it’s important to have a plan that will help you stay in control in the event of the unexpected.

You probably have a financial plan to save for the future that is based on your financial needs, but it should also ensure that you'll be protected if the unforeseen were to happen.

At Desjardins Insurance, we know that each client is different and has a unique financial situation. Building a financial safety net for your debt obligations is never easy. But with a complete and flexible loan insurance portfolio, you have the key ingredients to find a personalized solution that’s just right for your needs.

Life InsuranceDisability InsuranceCritical Illness Insurance

The solid foundation of your financial safety net.

Plans like Term life insurance can be structured to suit your loan repayment period.

Extra savings are also available with our multi-coverage discount.

A monthly payment in the event of a disability caused by an accident or illness to help you meet your obligations.

The benefit is paid to you rather than your creditors, and it is not coordinated or integrated with other insurance or government plans.

You get a set benefit amount following the diagnosis of a covered critical illness or an operation (up to 33 illnesses or surgical procedures, depending on the policy).

This amount can be used as you wish to cover additional expenses generated by the illness since you can no longer work.

Learn more about Life Insurance Learn more about Disability Insurance Learn more Critical Illness Insurance

Don’t stress over debt. Give yourself peace of mind today. Contact us to find out more about the options available to you.

*Statistics Canada, 2011