National health surveys

Between 2003 and 2013, Desjardins Insurance – Opens a tooltip has conducted annual surveys in order to better understand the attitudes and perspectives of Canadians, particularly related to their physical, mental and financial health.

The insight these surveys provide helps us be more responsive and flexible in meeting the needs of our clients, but it also helps us to contribute to Desjardins Group's mandate to educate Canadians on a variety of social and financial matters.

Are you healthy? Are you sure?

With the help of our partner, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Desjardins Insurance – Opens a tooltip recently conducted research indicating that many Canadians may not be as healthy as they think.

We compared the results of our national health survey with those of similar respondents to the Foundation's on-line Risk Assessment tool and the results were startling. The research shows that when responding to non-specific questions about lifestyle, respondents tend to evaluate their habits and behaviours much more positively than when specific questions are asked.

In other words, we might not even know how our choices could be harming our health – or how we can improve it.

Fast Fact

Only 11% of men in the Desjardins Insurance survey felt that their drinking negatively impacted their health, but 31% of men in the Risk Assessment sample drank more than the recommendedAccording to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, 80% of cases of premature heart disease are preventable71% of survey respondents said their diet was healthy, but only 47% of Risk Assessment respondents ate enough fruits and vegetables

And since the Foundation estimates that most cases of premature heart disease are preventable, there's a huge benefit to learning how to get and stay healthy.

That's why Desjardins Insurance is proud to partner with the Heart and Stroke Foundation to help Canadians understand and reduce their risks of heart disease.

Online resources to help you live longer and healthier

Our partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation has produced three online resources to help Canadians improve their heart health and reduce their risk of heart disease.

These tools can help Canadians understand how healthy they really are – and what they can do to be healthier.