Rethink Retirement survey results

We've been asking Canadians for many years how they picture their retirement and how they're planning for it. This puts us in a better position to help them get ready for retirement, to show them how important it is to plan for this important stage in their lives and to develop products and services that meet their needs.

2010 Edition

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The 2010 edition of our national survey on retirement planning conducted by Ipsos Descarie in August 2010 identified six retirement types. Find out which type describes you best, and learn strategies to improve your financial situation by using our interactive tool.

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2009 Edition

The 2009 edition of our national survey on retirement planning was conducted by SOM in September 2009. The representative sampling included 1,524 Canadian workers and retirees chosen randomly from Canadian Internet round tables.

Below are some of the topics covered in the latest edition of our survey:

  • Retirement living for today's retirees and returning to work post-retirement
  • Retirement spending
  • Ideal age for retirement
  • Transitioning from work to retirement
  • Changing personal financial situations

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