Going on a trip

Travel is one of life's great pleasures, but you need to take a few precautions to make sure your vacation is worry-free!

Practical matters

Research your destination to find out…

  • About any entry and exit requirements and whether you'll need a visa
  • About the laws, customs of any country you'll be visiting
  • Whether it's a country in conflict
  • Whether vaccinations are recommended

Gather your travel documents and check them so you can…

  • Make sure your passport is valid – some countries may require that your passport remain valid for six months after the end of your trip
  • Leave your itinerary, a copy of your passport and travel insurance External link. Opens in a new window., and your contact information with someone you trust
  • Make photocopies of the important documents you'll be carrying with you (visa, passport, plane tickets, etc.)
  • Remember to bring any medical items with you (proof of vaccination, drugs and prescriptions, allergy information, etc.)
  • Get an international student card or a membership card for youth hostels, if applicable

Get travel documents for any children going with you

  • Bring the necessary legal documents (such as a custody agreement) and a parental consent letter, if necessary
  • Make sure the child always has identification and contact information with them in case you get separated

Tips from an expert

Talk to your insurer about whether…

  • Travel and baggage insurance are included with your employer's group insurance plan
  • Your home insurance contains a personal liability insurance clause and whether it covers you while you're on vacation
  • Your car insurance contains a rider that offers insurance for rental vehicles in North America
  • Your car insurance includes roadside assistance if you plan to travel by car

Contact your financial institution about getting…

  • A list of ATMs in the countries you'll be visiting
  • A 6-digit PIN, if necessary
  • A second debit card, if necessary
  • Travelers' cheques and foreign currency