Sleep and productivity: When one affects the other

Trouble sleeping? Over 40% of adults suffer from sleep issues.


Sleep disorders are one of the most common – and one of the most costly – chronic illnesses. Managing sleep issues is an essential component of any workplace health and wellness strategy.

Sleep disorders seriously damage employees’ health

  • Sleep disorders increase the risk of: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, mental health issues, reduced cognitive health.
  • Sleep issues also impact employers: absenteeism, presenteeism, workplace and road accidents, mistakes, increased use of medication.
  • Lost productivity: $5,000 a year for each employee with insomnia.
  • Presenteeism: 28 days a year vs. 3 days for a good sleeper – that’s 5 weeks of work lost per employee with insomnia.
  • Healthcare costs: 75% higher for poor sleepers vs. good sleepers.

At Desjardins, we take sleep disorders seriously.

Desjardins Insurance’s sleep solution

We’ve partnered with an innovative company, HALEO, that works in partnership with the Sleep Health Institute at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital) in Boston. HALEO provides clinically-proven solutions to effectively screen, diagnose and treat sleep disorders in the workplace.

And we know it works, because we conducted a pilot project with 1,800 of our employees. The results are now in! See for yourself how effective this kind of program can be

  • Employees are ready and willing to participate
  • A majority noticed an improvement in their sleep, work and life
  • And, yes, you’ll get a real return on your investment!



Watch our Forum 360° webcast to find out more about sleep disorders and what to do about them.

Video - An employer’s response to the pilot project results

An employer’s response to the pilot project results (2 min 07 s)

Hear what our Vice-President of Human Resources has to say about our sleep health pilot project.

Video - Employee experience

Employee experience (2 min 07 s)

Hear what two of our employees had to say about how the pilot project affected their lives.