Transcript - Grow your savings within your comfort zone

You want to grow your savings, but not at any cost. You’ve thought about the stock market. The earning potential is certainly attractive but you don’t want to risk losing your money.

You’ve also considered term investments. The fact that the interest rate is guaranteed up front appeals to you.

But the current interest rates... leave more than a little something to be desired.

What you’re really looking for is an investment that’s predictable and risk-free but that will make your money work for you, like a stock would.

Such a product does exist. It’s called Guarantee Advantage®.

Guarantee Advantage is a market-linked term investment.

Instead of offering you a fixed interest rate, like an ordinary term investment, Guarantee Advantage provides you with a return that falls within a pre-determined range. That’s your return zone.

This zone means two things. One: You’re guaranteed not to lose any money, no matter what happens in the stock market, and two, if market conditions are good, your money has the potential to earn more than an ordinary term investment, up to a maximum.

This kind of investment growth is possible with Guarantee Advantage because its return is linked to the performance of a basket of securities of publicly traded companies.

The result? At maturity, if the return generated by the basket of securities falls within your Guarantee Advantage return zone, you get the full return.

If the securities generate a return that is below your return zone, you’ll still get the guaranteed minimum return—because Guarantee Advantage protects your money.

And if the basket of securities generates a higher return than the guaranteed maximum, you get the maximum return, which is more than what you would earn with an ordinary term investment.

In short, Guarantee Advantage is an investment that makes your money work for you—within your comfort zone.

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