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June 14, 2017(1 min 59 s)

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[Situation: In the video, 2 Desjardins employees, Olivier and Marie-Claude, tell us about their experience with the HALEO sleep clinic.]

[Text: Over 40% of adults suffer from sleep issues. Here are some of their stories.]

Olivier: Before discovering the HALEO program, I was experiencing very troubled sleep. We’re talking about four hours, on average, per night. And consecutively – four hours, four hours, four hours, four hours.

Marie-Claude: For years now, I’ve been sleeping less than six hours a night, and I wake up in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep.

Olivier: It was getting really tough on my system. And on my professional life as well. I didn’t even have the energy to make any physical effort, whatsoever.

Marie-Claude: Recently, I was very tired and I couldn’t concentrate. For example, reading a long email took me several times to be able to understand the matter.

Olivier: When I responded to the HALEO survey, they contacted me a week later and put me in communication with a therapist. So it went really well after that; we could talk to each other by email and through webcam.

Marie-Claude: HALEO’s program is personalized; the web conferences with the therapist were very helpful. The contact with a person – you can talk about how you feel and what you real situation is.

Olivier: The impact of the HALEO program on my quality of life has been a really good impact, by the way. I used to sleep four hours per night and now I’m up to seven hours and a half, eight hours per night when it’s really good.

Marie-Claude: Right after the first session, I just see the difference. My quality of sleep improved. And now at the end of the treatment, of course, the difference is major.

Olivier: Before joining the HALEO project my expectations were rock-bottom because I was so desperate. I had nothing to lose. And after just a few weeks of therapy, it was going along so well that all my skepticism disappeared.

Marie-Claude: At the end, I’m really impressed with the results, because I really do sleep better, and longer. So my energy’s back.

Oliver: Before the HALEO program, I’d give a score of 3.5 out of 10 for my sleep. After the treatment, I’d give it a good eight – a solid eight out of 10.

[Text: Sleep: As vital as eating right and exercising.]

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