An employer’s response to the pilot project results

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June 14, 2017(2 min 07 s)

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[Situation: In the video, Marc-André Malboeuf, Vice-President, HR Solutions Development, Desjardins Group, gives us his perspective on the sleep pilot project carried out with Desjardins employees.]

[Text: Over 40% of adults suffer from sleep issues. Luckily, some employers are doing something about it.]

[Image: Marc-André Malboeuf Vice-President, HR Solutions Development, Desjardins Group.]

Desjardins is the largest financial cooperative within Canada, with over 47,000 employees. We operate in various fields. We have advisory and sales employees in the branch offices, as well as in the insurance group. We also have employees who work in call centres and administrative functions. Basically the work schedule can vary from people who are on the road, or who come to the office every day, or who travel frequently, which are some of the similar challenges that other employers are facing.

We decided to participate in the pilot project when we saw the study results showing the prevalence of sleep disorders and how they have an impact on employees.

Like other employers of choice, health is a priority at Desjardins. We already offer a health and wellness program; however, we wanted to enhance it by taking a proactive approach to sleep disorders, which aren’t that well-known.

We were really impressed by the number of employees who participated in this pilot project, and by their enthusiasm. It shows there’s a real need for this type of solution.

Out of all of the employees who participated in the HALEO treatment, virtually all of them saw an improvement in the quality of their sleep, which is excellent news!

We hear a lot about healthy lifestyle habits to prevent obesity, chronic illness or mental health problems. People have to understand that sleep is closely linked to all of these problems. If we take care of our sleep, the quality of life both at the office and at home will also improve. Speaking as an employer, this is something that we’re really interested in.

This type of program should be an integral part of a company’s overall strategy in terms of health and wellness to improve the employee’s

[Text: Sleep disorders harm your employees and your business. Enhance your health and wellness programs with a sleep health program.]

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