Dave M. – Financial impacts after a heart attack

At Desjardins, we're here to support you. We also believe that talking about the link between financial health and physical well-being is the first step in protecting both.

Here's Dave's story about how his life and finances changed after having a heart attack.

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July 15, 2020 (1 min 41 s)

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[Situation: Dave M. talks about his financial situation after having a heart attack]

[Text on screen: Dave M.]

[Footage of Dave holding a photograph of him at his old workplace]

This was me before the heart attack. I was a pretty active guy.

[Image of Dave playing hockey]

I was playing hockey sometimes two, three times a week.

[Image of Dave with a dog by a lake]

Got a big golden retriever that needs to go out three times a day.

[Footage of Dave walking by a brick wall]

Financially I was doing okay. My wife and I were fine.

[Image of Dave and his wife]

We didn't worry about stuff. We never saw this coming. Having a heart attack is no fun.

[Footage of Dave outside in a snowy park]

The associated complications after just turn your world upside down.

[Image of Dave in a hospital bed hugging a pillow and giving a thumbs up]

During my cardiac recovery, the optic nerve in my left eye has a stroke.

[Footage of Dave grabbing his glasses]

Talk about adjustments, losing vision.

[Footage of tools on a table]

It's been difficult, yeah.

[Image of Dave playing guitar with a little girl]

Playing guitar is one of those things that got me through a long, long stay in the hospital. For me, it was good therapy. We were never insured for anything like this to happen. Stuff like that catches you by surprise and you're unprepared.

[Text on screen: We believe financial health and physical well-being are invaluable. And closely linked]

You're sitting there and you go, "Man, I got no money. I got no job. So I got to learn something new." After two years of not working, I decided to go back to school.

[Footage of Dave with a welding tool repairing a guitar]

But there's actually a course that's taught about guitar repair and design. I try to look on the positive side of things. If I was going to go back in time, I would have a fail-safe system like insurance. It's not something I focus much attention to.

[Footage of Dave walking down the street]

I didn't have a plan B. But there's hope.

[Text on screen: Talking about the link between financial health and physical well-being is the first step in protecting both.]

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