Sarah D. – Financial impacts after a stroke

At Desjardins, we're here to support you. We also believe that talking about the link between financial health and physical well-being is the first step in protecting both.

Here's Sarah's story about how her life and finances changed after having a stroke.

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July 15, 2020 (1 min 42 s)

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[Situation: Sarah D., a stroke survivor, talks about her life after suffering a stroke and her financial situation]

[Text on screen: Sarah D.]

Well, six years ago now I had a stroke.

[Image of Sarah in a hospital bed]

I just so happened to go out for a coffee and went down to the ground. I was fortunate enough to be with a lovely man who happens to be my husband now. We were on our first date.

[Image of Sarah and her husband]

If anyone had told me, guess what?

[Image of Sarah and her husband walking at their wedding]

You'll go on a first date, you'll have a stroke and you'll live happily ever after,

[Image of Sarah and her husband kissing at their wedding]

I would have never believed anyone who said that.

Before the stroke, my full-time income was paying off my education,

[Footage of Sarah making a necklace]

so I never had anything to stress about at all.

[Text on screen: We believe financial health and physical well-being are invaluable. And closely linked]

After the stroke, I couldn't work for a while, almost about a year.

[Footage of Sarah walking down the street]

I then had to go get a loan. I had no other options. I decided I was going to start my own kids' yoga business, but it's very difficult.

[Footage of Sarah sitting on a park bench]

I found a couple other jobs, but I ended up getting sick. When you begin to make decisions based on your finances alone, your health begins to slip, so it's very important to think about health and money being hand in hand.

[Footage of Sarah doing yoga]

Obvious number one positive thing that came from it was my husband. I had this inkling that I was going to fall in love with him before the stroke, before anything at all.

[Image of Sarah and her husband]

If I didn't have him, I have no idea how we would be surviving as we are. I feel incredibly lucky to be on this end of things.

[Text on screen: Talking about the link between financial health and physical well-being is the first step in protecting both.]

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