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At Desjardins Insurance, our clients are our top priority. That's why we're committed to being there for you when it matters most, regardless of where you live in Canada. We always give you the time, dedication and understanding you deserve.

Plus the expertise and dependable services you've come to expect.

We are Desjardins Insurance. And we're always there when it counts.

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[Background music: Light, lively music plays.]

[Text on screen: A story that really counts for something.]

A story that really counts for something.

[In a cartoon, a woman (Sara) waves and then is framed by green segments of the Desjardins logo. She looks at her office building and 6 of the employees working there.]

This is Sara. Sara and her team of 900 employees switched from a traditional group plan to a flexible plan with Desjardins Insurance.

[Coloured circles representing insurance coverage appear for each of the 6 employees to illustrate that each employee can have their own, personalized coverage.]

Flexible plans provide customized coverage for each plan member.

[Virus icons pop up around the employees.]

And then, came the logistical challenges of COVID-19.

[2 of the employees show signs of illness. Sara looks worried.]

Sara was starting to worry about her colleagues' health and well-being. Our team noticed right away and acted quickly to support Sara by implementing the new plan remotely, proving we're as flexible as our coverage.

[Text on screen: What did that mean?]

What did that mean?

[Sara's office building appears. A transmission signal appears between the building and a tower of Desjardins servers that pops up on the right, to illustrate the interaction between Sara's employees and Desjardins Insurance agents.]

A close working relationship between Sara's teams and our agents.

[A computer appears above the Desjardins servers with the Wi-Fi signal on the screen, followed by a thumb's up.]

Adapting quickly to the constraints posed by different computer networks.

[2 insurance agents—a man and a woman—are working in their offices, talking to employees remotely, over the phone or online. A clock on the wall with the hands moving shows how flexible Desjardins Insurance is.]

Setting up individual meetings with employees that suited their work schedule.

[The male employee waves to one of Sara's employees, then quickly submits a request from his computer to have a doctor contact the employee. The doctor waves to the employee.]

But above all, for Sara and her employees, it meant access to virtual healthcare 2 months before the effective date of their new plan.

[We see Sara surrounded by happy, healthy employees. Then the employees disappear, and the green segments of the Desjardins logo appear around Sara again, who winks at us.]

Sara's employees count on her and Sara counts on us. We've always known that. At Desjardins Insurance, we're always there when it counts.

[Text on screen: Always there when it counts.]

End of transcript

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And we're proud to always go above and beyond your expectations.

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"Always being there when it counts means sympathizing with a client who lost a loved one." Betty Mah, Representative

"Always being there when it counts means providing support to a client in an overseas emergency." Lala Wendim, Representative

"Always being there when it counts means taking care of our clients and their loved ones." Caroline Dorval, Representative

"Always being there when it counts means speeding up the approval process when time is of the essence." Kiam Davidson, Representative

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