November 2019 Edition

In this month’s Essential, find out who won our latest contest and learn about our Senior Vice‑President’s perspective on the evolution of our plan members’ needs. You’ll also find news from our fund managers and Desjardins Group, as well as information relating to the administration of your plans.

Vol. 9 – N˚11


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Investment and financial markets

As part of our good governance practices, the following funds were withdrawn from our group retirement savings platform on November 8, 2019:

  • 275 - NEI Canadian Bond
  • 276 - NEI Ethical Canadian Equity
  • 277 - NEI Ethical Global Equity
  • 322 - QV Canadian Equity
  • 239 - Franklin Bissett Small Cap
  • 215 - DGIA Global Equity
  • 240 - DGIA Global Commodity

Plan members and sponsors impacted by these changes should have already been notified about the funds being withdrawn and the replacement funds.

Different factors are considered when deciding whether to keep a given fund on the platform. These include meeting the qualitative and quantitative criteria on which our fund governance process is based, the level of interest in the fund and its competitiveness against comparable investment options.

For more information about these changes, contact your Client Relationship Manager.

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