August 2023 Edition

​​​​​​​​​Beat the summer heat by looking at our refreshing new campaign on withdrawals, preparing for your 71-year-old plan members’ final contributions and learning about the impact of Bill 25 on the online experience.

Vol.13 No.07

Your plan members

Regulation and compliance

The 5-second summary: Change made to our websites to comply with Bill 25, and what users now have to do.

Bill 25 modernizes legislative provisions regarding the protection of personal information. It applies to all businesses that collect data on Quebec residents, including those established outside the province.

It requires that users accept, reject or personalize their cookies when visiting our secure plan member or plan sponsor sites.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file sent to your computer or mobile device from a website you access that personalizes the user experience according to your needs.

Change to websites

Since July 4, a banner appears asking users to accept, reject or personalize their cookies, each time they log on to the plan sponsor or plan member website from a new device or browser.

Cookie settings will be valid for 1 year or until users change their choices or delete their browsing history.

This banner was also rolled out on the site and in the Omni app.

How to

Investments and financial markets

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