Desjardins Insurance leverages innovative technologies to address health challenges

Thursday, March 17, 2016

2016 Hacking Health events

Desjardins Insurance is a proud partner of Hacking Health. This not-for-profit organization’s events promote technological innovation in health by bringing together people from very different backgrounds. Health professionals and techies work together to develop prototypes and come up with innovative strategies for improving healthcare.

Don’t miss upcoming hackathons!

Health hackathons are scheduled across Canada in Saskatoon, Toronto, Waterloo, London, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Go to the Hacking Health website for a complete list of events and details.

Forum 360°: a great opportunity to promote our partnership with Hacking Health

The 2016 edition of Forum 360° was held in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary in late February and early March. These events helped link the Health Innovation Challenge, which was held at Complex Desjardins last November, to the hackathons that will be held across Canada in 2016.

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