Get ready to meet a representative

​Do you have questions about our insurance or savings products? Meet with one of our financial security advisorsrepresentatives.

Our financial security advisorsrepresentatives are committed to:

  • Working with you to draw up an action plan
  • Explaining all the potential risks involved
  • Helping you determine your investor profile
  • Following up with you regularly

Why choose a Desjardins advisorrepresentative

  • Our advisorsrepresentatives are dedicated to providing you with a financial safety net and helping you achieve all your goals, both big and small.
  • All our advisorsrepresentatives are highly trained, hold all the necessary licences and are backed up by Desjardins Group, the country’s leading financial cooperative.

Make an appointment

  • Call 1-866-838-7553.
  • Fill out our online form Opens in a new window. to havea representativean advisor call you back.
  • The representativeadvisor will ask when you’re available to meet and let you know what kinds of documents you should bring to your meeting.

Prepare for your meeting

  • Gather all the information on your financial situation such as your assets, savings, debts and insurance policies.
  • Decide how much you’re prepared to invest to ensure the financial security of you and your family.