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Group retirement savings

Who can enter?

The contest is open to Desjardins Insurance group savings plan members, excluding employees, managers and directors of Desjardins Group and anyone who lives with them.

How to enter

Desjardins Group retirement savings will be sending an email to plan members on April 4. Click the I'm in! button in the email and you'll be entered into the contest.

Are you a plan member but you didn't receive the email?

  • First, check your junk mail.
  • If you still can't find it, make sure that you've entered your email address in the Profile section of your online account. We'll send you the email by the end of the contest period.

Good luck!

The contest ends on June 4, 2023.


Five names will be drawn at random on June 8, 2023. The winners will each receive $1,000. The prize can be received as a cheque, bank deposit or contribution to a group savings plan.

Read the complete contest rules (PDF, 234 KB) S’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre.