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April 13, 2018(1 min 24 s)

We believe personal health and financial wellness go hand in hand. Our group benefits and group retirement savings solutions ensure your employees have a holistic and seamless experience. We’re committed to helping your employees achieve their overall wellness goals, so they can live the lives they really want to live. We cultivate a collaborative relationship with you and your employees because we believe that when we work together, everyone benefits.

Note: The information in brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video, and the rest of the text corresponds to spoken content.

[Situation: Throughout the video, a narrator explains that financial wellness and personal health go hand in hand.]

[Music plays throughout the video]

At Desjardins, we’ve always supported bringing people together.

[We see footage of people taking selfies on a van and people on a beach around a campfire.]

That’s why we are the country’s largest financial cooperative and one of North America’s most secure financial institutions.

[We see clips of people helping out in the community.]

But we do more than just bring people together, we take care of them at every stage of life.

[The screen splits and we see a father and daughter at the doctor on one side of the screen and a grandfather handing car keys to his grandson on the other.]

Because for Canadians, financial wellness and personal health go hand in hand.

[We see a couple working on a lap top together, followed by a visual of a man working out on an stationary bike.]

So as we evolve…

[We see people commuting to work on a highway.]

… we are creating a more holistic approach to support you and your employees better.

And how are we doing this? By doing what we do best.

[We see a series of shots of Desjardins employees at work.]

With an approach to wellness with your best interests in mind.

[The words appear on the screen.]

By recognizing that while plan members are part of a group

[We see a group of people eating outside at BBQ.]

…they still have distinct needs and financial goals.

[We a woman walking down a street, from the back.]

By looking beyond health benefits and using innovative and preventative programs to help plan members take a proactive role in their health.

[We see clips of people doing yoga, making a healthy meal, dancing on a balcony.]

By empowering our people to ask the right questions…

[We see a group of people in discussion around a computer]

…so they can provide the right solutions.

[We see two people talking at coffee shop.]

And empowering all Canadians to take control of their financial wellness and personal health to create the lives they want to lead.

[We a series visuals of people enjoying life: mountain biking, a woman playing with her dog in the snow, a family playing soccer, a father and son getting ready for the son to move out for university.]

No matter where they live, or what stage of life they are in.

[We a series of visuals: a happy smiling young person and a happy smiling older person, a same-sex couple at home surrounded by moving boxes, a pregnant mom.]

We are in the business of helping people live fuller lives.

[The words appear on the screen.]

And we know that in life and in business,

[We see a split screen with a family at the beach together on one side and a group of people in a modern office at a meeting room table at another.]

when we work together, everyone benefits.

[The words appear on the screen]

[We see a series of visuals of people’s faces, followed by the Desjardins logo.]

[We hear the Desjardins jingle]

[We see the Desjardins logo]

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