On Target Retirement

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December 14, 2015(1 min 58 s)

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[Situation: Throughout the video, a narrator presents the advantages of On Target Retirement.]

[Action: A man sits on a couch watching TV.]

Planning your retirement is a bit like jogging: the hardest part is getting started.

To help you get going, Desjardins offers On Target Retirement, a practical solution that encourages you to set a retirement goal and shows you how to work towards it, starting today.

Starting today. So, c’mon, let’s go!

[Action: The man puts on his running shoes and opens the app on his tablet to confirm his information.]

All you have to do is confirm some basic information, and On Target Retirement will calculate your projected income and how much you need to contribute to reach your goal.

[Action: The man goes outside and starts jogging.]

Then you’ve got to keep pace and make regular contributions, step by step, paycheque by paycheque.

[Image: On Target Retirement home page]

Your retirement goal will appear on your statement, as well as the homepage of the participant services website every time you log in. That way, it’s easy to keep track of your progress.

If this exercise leaves you feeling out of breath—or if it proves that you’re in great financial shape—try different scenarios. You can immediately see how different variables will affect your retirement goal.

As time goes on, On Target Retirement recommends adjustments you can make to help you stay on track.

Default investment instructions have already been selected for you. To decide how you’d like your contributions invested, click on Change your investment instructions.

Once saving becomes a regular habit, you’ll see just how easy it is to get closer to your target.

[Action: The man crosses the finish line.]

On Target Retirement makes planning for your future simpler than ever by guiding you all the way to your retirement goal.

So what are you waiting for? On Target Retirement is ready to get you on track. Let’s go!

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