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See how Desjardins online services can help you manage your group retirement savings plan and achieve financial wellness.

February 10, 2021(1 min 14 s)

Note: The information in brackets describes the visual and audio content of the video, and the rest of the text corresponds to spoken content.

[Soundtrack: Engaging music]


[Hot air balloon in the sky]

You have dreams…

[A sailboat floats in the water followed by a cottage in the forest.]

Desjardins' Group Retirement Savings online services can help you make these dreams come true.

[A laptop computer opens up and shows many diagrams. Desjardins’ logo appears for a few seconds in the top-right corner of the animation.]

Our online services help you stay focused on your goals at every stage of your life.

[The “Budget” circular diagram takes over the screen.]

Learn more and take control of your finances with online courses from the Wellness Centre.

[The “Investments” broken line graph takes over the screen.]

You'll see that financial wellness is within your reach.

[Animation of the On Target Retirement goal tracker]

Project your retirement income and try out different scenarios in just a few clicks with the On Target Retirement goal tracker.

[A laptop computer presents the On Target Retirement goal tracker. A butterfly flies in front of the screen and lands on the plant next to the computer.]

It's never been easier to build your financial future and find peace of mind.

[The lamp behind the computer unfolds.]

See how much you've saved and check your rate of return, choose or change your investment instructions,

[The sun sets and the lamp shines on the computer.]

manage your account whenever you want

[The daylight comes back.]

[Text on screen: “Electronic”, “Electronic and Paper” and “Paper”]

[An arrow shows where to click from “Electronic and Paper” to “Electronic.”]

and go green by choosing electronic statements.

[A mobile phone appears on the screen presenting a bar chart. A cottage, a sailboat and a hot air balloon appear in the clouds surrounding the phone.]

Take advantage of our online services and get closer to your dreams,

[The Earth appears on the mobile phone screen.]

wherever you are,

[A web page opens and presents Desjardins’ Group Retirement Savings website address.]

[Text on screen:]

[Text on screen: “Log on to your account” and “Go”]

on Desjardins' Group Retirement Savings website or download the Omni app.

[Text on screen: Dowload Omni today]

[App Store and Google Play logo]

[Soundtrack: Desjardins’ theme song]

[Desjardins logo and legal notes]