Penny, the Group retirement savings virtual assistant

Penny presents the Group retirement savings digital offer with a wide range of useful information on savings and finances.

June 9, 2021(1 min 01 s)

Note: The information in brackets describes the audio and visual content of the video that is not dialogue or narration.

[Background music]

[Omni logo]

[A cell phone appears with the Omni logo placed in the middle, surrounded by chevrons from the Desjardins honeycomb logo. The cell phone moves to the left and shows the Omni app home page. Penny appears on the right at the same time, holding a cell phone.]

Penny: Hi! My name is Penny and I'm your virtual assistant.

[As Penny speaks, the app's login page appears on the phone followed by the Desjardins Group retirement savings home page.]

Penny: With Omni, it's easier than ever to access your Desjardins Group retirement savings!

[Penny's icon appears and a mouse clicks on it.]

Penny: At any time, find my icon to facilitate your experience.

[Penny reappears on the left and the phone on the right displays the content of the Wellness Centre on the app.]

Penny: If you're curious, check out our Wellness Centre for content and training on a wide range of topics, from finance to retirement.

[Penny disappears and the phone moves to the middle of the screen. We continue to scroll down the content of the Wellness Centre.]

Penny: Over time, this section will evolve to better meet your needs, just like me!

[Penny reappears on the right and the phone moves to the left. We continue to explore the content of the app.]

Penny: Log in to Omni now to create your account or enrol in a plan. In just a few clicks, you'll learn more about your plan and discover many tips and tricks to help you reach your savings goals!

[The phone and Penny merge in the middle of the screen.]

Penny: Join me in your Omni app. See you soon!

[The Omni logo replaces Penny on the phone.]

[Desjardins Insurance logo]

[Desjardins jingle]

End of transcript