Our investment options

​​​​The DSF Guaranteed Investment Funds (DFS GIF) offered through the Helios2® Contract give you access to the markets’ full growth potential while protecting what matters to you.

Investment solutions

Our investment solutions are designed to meet your financial needs and give you access to a variety of funds:

  • Allocated across all asset classes
  • Selected for their complementary management styles
  • Automatically rebalanced for weighting and composition every quarter

Responsible investment portfolios

Are you passionate about issues like climate change, labour standards and executive compensation? The Helios2 Contract helps you achieve your investment goals while supporting causes that matter to you.

See examples of the positive outcomes of our responsible investment portfolios Opens in a new window.

Wise ETF Portfolios

With Wise ETF Portfolios, you have access to exchange-traded Funds that are part of an innovative investment solution. It’s an easy way to get a distinctive product. Based on your investor profile and risk tolerance, choose the portfolio that’s right for you from the six available.

Individual funds

Do you want to control your asset allocation and portfolio composition?

Choose from our individual funds for broad diversification.

Meet a representative

They’ll assess your financial needs and help you find the right product for you.

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* Funds closed to additional Deposits and switches

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