Update your list of dependents

Last updated: May 29, 2019

A dependent is an immediate family member who is covered under your group insurance plan. You can only claim a family member’s healthcare expenses if you choose family, couple or single-parent coverage and list them as a dependent.

You may be able to make these changes on our secure website, depending on your plan. However, changes can only be made when one of the following life events occurs:

  • Marriage, new common law spouse or civil partnership
  • Birth, adoption or return to school
  • Divorce, separation or breakdown of a common-law partnership
  • Death of spouse
  • Start/end of spouse’s insurance
  • Death of child or termination of child’s eligibility

Before you start

  • You might see different options and fields than what’s shown here, depending on your plan. If there’s any information you can’t see or make changes to, contact the person responsible for your plan.
  • You have 31 days to inform us of a life event. After the 31-day period, you will have to inform the person responsible for your plan.
  • Any changes you make to your dependents’ information will take effect right away, unless you specify a future date.
  • If you notice an error after confirming your changes, you will have to ask the person responsible for your plan to make the correction for you.


  1. Log in to your account. Need help logging in?
  2. Click Your account.
  3. Depending on your plan, you will see one of the following two options: Enrollment and coverage or Dependents and coordination of benefits. Click whichever of these options appears on your screen.

Don’t see either option?

That probably means your plan doesn’t allow you to make changes to your dependent list online. You will have to ask the person responsible for your plan to do it for you.