Fixed-rate term investments

Do you have some money and don’t know where to invest it? Are you worried about stock market downturns? Choose fixed-rate term investments—one of the most secure ways to invest!


  • Guaranteed return at maturity
  • Capital guaranteed at death
  • Security: interest rate and investment term are known from the start
  • Protection against market downturns

Choosing a term investment

This competitive investment product has a number of options, and you’ll need to weigh them carefully because once you’ve selected an investment, you can’t go back and make changes.

  • When will you need the money? In one year? Several? Not sure?
  • Do you want to protect your savings from market fluctuations? Your capital is guaranteed and you’ll know the interest rate from the start.
  • Do you want to make an investment while reducing your taxes? Some investments are RRSP- or TFSA-eligible.
  • Are you already receiving a pension? If you’re 65 or older, you may qualify for pension income tax credits or be eligible for pension income splitting.

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Investment types

What do you want?Daily Interest
Term Investment
Term Investment
To be able to withdraw your money whenever you want Inclus Inclus Not included
A fixed and guaranteed interest rate Not included Inclus Inclus


FeaturesDaily Interest
Term Investment
Term Investment
Investment term Variable Fixed
Between 3 months and 20 years
Between 1 and 9 years
Initial minimum deposit Not included $500 $500
Eligible plans RRSP, TFSA and non-registered plans RRSP, TFSA and non-registered plans RRSP and non-registered plans
Interest rate Variable
Daily fluctuations based on the markets
Set based on the investment term and amount
Higher than the rate for redeemable term investments
Interest payment Every 6 months
At deposit anniversary date
Simple or compounded annually
At maturity
Compounded annually

Get a fixed-rate term investment

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