Mathieu Guénec

Vice-President, Technology and Projects

Mathieu Guénec


  • oversees the project portfolio and the division's IT solutions.


Mathieu was trained as a computer engineer at the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris, where he graduated in 2005. He worked primarily in software development and IT consulting for the first 10 years of his career. While still in France, he used the strong project management experience he had developed in energy, finance and public services to pursue and achieve PMP® certification.

In 2015, he joined the Desjardins family. Over the next four years, he held several management roles, including in two major strategic programs: the integration of State Farm's Canadian operations into Desjardins, and the transformation of Property & Casualty Insurance. In 2020, he agreed to take on the role of Vice-President, IT, P&C Insurance, and P&C Insurance IT Officer, which he held until his appointment as Vice-President, IT and Projects, and IT Officer in January 2021.