Plan administration

We have plan administration tools to help groups of all sizes manage their group insurance plans. Our comprehensive and efficient online tools will save you time.

Secure site for plan administrators

You can carry out most transactions on our secure site External link. Opens in a new window..

  • View plan member profile summaries
  • Add new plan members
  • Manage absences
  • Manage monthly billing
  • Get plan management reports and forms
  • View your transaction history
  • And more!


Our IntelliFlex® solution gives your employees a plan that’s adapted to their needs, while giving you more control over your plan costs. This solution is designed for groups with 500 or more plan members.

IntelliFlex offers you a way to:

  • Build loyalty by letting employees choose the benefits they need
  • Control plan costs with a usage-based approach (modular plan, basic plan with add-ons, or à la carte plan)
  • Provide a set of online tools and resources designed to make it easier to enrol in and manage your plan
  • Integrate your plan into our secure sites for plan administrators and plan members.

The IntelliFlex system:

  • Lets plan members examine different scenarios before they pick their benefits
  • Simplifies coverage changes and other administrative tasks
  • Makes it easy to manage re-enrollment campaigns

Admin 360°

When you opt for our Admin 360° solution, we cover complete management of your plan. It works with all plan types (traditional, flexible or modular), but you must have life, disability, extended healthcare and dental care coverage with us.

Our solution makes your job easier and frees up your time so you can focus on building employee skills and recruiting new talent.

The Admin 360° solution:

  • Offers your employees more flexibility, since they can enrol themselves and make changes online
  • Boosts employee satisfaction since they only have one website or one phone number to use for all their group insurance needs

Transfer of electronic data (TED)

This service helps you get things done faster!

  • Transfer data from your systems to ours
  • Automatically update plan member records without having to send us forms or log-on to the secure site

Online services for plan members

Plan members have access to a range of online tools they can use to manage their group insurance and access useful information.

  • Secure site for plan members
  • Point-of-care claim submissions
  • Omni mobile app
  • Desjardins Travel Solution mobile app
  • Health is Cool 360° platform

Learn more about Online services for plan members.

® IntelliFlex is a registered trademark owned by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company.