Communication and education

Our communication and education program, Your way plain and simple®, covers every stage of the retirement planning process. It’s designed to be flexible so you can adapt it to do what you need. It uses a multi-touchpoint strategy so that your employees can choose how they want to interact with the plan and monitor their savings.


Your way, plain and simple is structured around a unique strategy called E3:

  • Entice: Make employees understand the importance of their retirement savings plan
  • Encourage: Give employees guidance at each stage of their retirement planning cycle
  • Engage: Get employees to assume ownership of their plan and their retirement savings objective

We also offer the Energy module, which is designed to work with our communication program to accelerate the employee engagement process. It includes:

  • A behavioural engine
  • A dashboard that includes an engagement index for participating employees
  • Communications tactics that are targeted to your employees’ engagement levels


We offer educational seminars across the country, with webcasts available for playback.

These seminars are designed to:

  • make sure your employees understand their plan and investment options
  • educate them about the importance of retirement planning
  • show the range of tools available to help them stay on track
  • provide guidance as they transition into retirement


Our On Target Retirement income goal tracker:

  • lets users set a retirement income objective and adjust it as needed
  • offers personalized recommendations through a virtual guide named Penny
  • gives a breakdown of retirement income sources

Our financial statements:

  • provide a detailed picture of retirement savings
  • show any transactions that have been made
  • incorporate information entered into On Target Retirement
  • include personalized rates of return

On our participant services website, participants can:

  • carry out transactions
  • access On Target Retirement
  • order a financial statement
  • peruse educational content

® Your way, plain and simple is a registered trademark of Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company.