Communication and education

The continuous support we provide, from enrolment in the group savings program through to retirement, is designed to promote employee well-being. We use clear, easy-to-understand tools and solutions every step of the way.


We show our group retirement savings plan members how important it is to save for the future, and we promote buy-in through a unique approach called E3. Our plan member-focused approach:

  • Entices plan members to learn more about their plan and what it has to offer
  • Encourages them to use our planning and educational tools
  • Engages them to make sure they stay on track

You can round out this approach with our E3nergy Modules, a business intelligence service unique to Desjardins. This module makes it possible to adapt the communication strategy as needed. It features:

  • A behavioural engine that defines engagement levels based on interest, motivation and knowledge
  • A dashboard that includes an engagement index and key performance indicators
  • Communication tactics for each engagement level


Our education advisors offer individual and group information sessions via live and pre-recorded webinars. The advisors:

  • Explain plan features and investment options
  • Encourage plan members to prepare for retirement
  • Talk about tools that can help plan members stay on track
  • Provide guidance and support to help plan members transition into retirement

Online tools

  • The Financial Wellness Centre is an informational and educational platform that plan members can access on the secure site or the Omni Desjardins mobile app. It features articles, tools and videos on saving, personal finance and retirement, as well as tips on how to prepare for major life events.
  • The online Education Centre offers interactive webinars to help plan members learn more about personal finance. The webinars cover a wide range of topics such as creating a budget, investments and managing debt.
  • Our virtual guide Penny helps plan members with retirement planning. In addition to providing helpful tips, she walks plan members through interactive content to help them reach their savings goals and achieve financial wellness.
  • The On Target Retirement® goal tracker helps plan members set goals and find out how much they need to save to achieve them.
  • With the all-in-one Omni Desjardins mobile app, plan members can get an overview of their plan, quickly access practical tools and resources and make a variety of online transactions.

® Registered trademark owned by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company