Medical conditions and limitations

Do you have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions?

Then you need to be aware that the Emergency Health Care and Trip Cancellation coverages don't cover pre-existing injuries or medical conditions or any related injuries or medical conditions if, during the reference period, you were awaiting results or you:

  • Saw a doctor 
  • Took medication
  • Were hospitalized
  • Received treatment

or were advised to do any of the above by a doctor. 

The reference period is:

  • The 3 months before the coverage effective date if you're age 54 or under
  • The 6 months before the coverage effective date if you're age 55 or over

This limitation doesn't apply if the injury or medical condition remained stable (mettre infobulle) during the reference period. If you're taking Coumadin or diabetes medication, a "stable dosage" is not required.

Main exclusions (situations where we won't pay)

Emergency Health Care 

  • If you're travelling to receive medical care or optional or non-urgent care
  • If death, loss of use or expenses are the result of drug use, alcohol or drug abuse, suicide or attempted suicide or participation in extreme sports
  • If the accident or illness is the result of an armed conflict or act of terrorism in a country or region for which the Canadian government has issued a travel advisory

Trip Cancellation

  • If you knew ahead of time of any reason that would prevent you from taking, continuing or completing the trip as originally planned 

Under these circumstances, the Trip Cancellation premium is non-refundable.


  • Damage to or theft of personal effects like dentures, glasses, contact lenses or money, or theft due to oversight or carelessness on your part

In case of theft, immediately contact the police and then call the assistance service to find out what to do next. The insurance covers a maximum of $1000 per item or group of items and a maximum of $500 to replace a stolen passport or driver's license.

Emergency Return Trip

  • If you knew ahead of time of any reason that would prevent you from continuing the trip as originally planned. 

For a list of all exclusions, refer to the Travel Insurance Guide (PDF, 3.8 MB) Opens in a new window..

Legal notice

The Travel Insurance section of our website summarizes the type and the terms and conditions of this coverage. It has no contractual value. The information in this section is intended to be clear and simple so you can understand the product.

Only the Distribution Guide and General Conditions and the Special Conditions will be used to settle legal disputes. The Distribution Guide and General Conditions contains all the terms and conditions. Certain exclusions and restrictions apply.