Keep your drug costs down

Did you know that there are ways to lower your drug expenses without compromising your health? As a consumer, there are some simple things you can do to reduce your drug expenses and also help keep your group insurance plan costs down.

Lower your drug expenses without compromising your health

  1. Ask your pharmacist for the generic drug. There may be a generic version of your drug available. To find out if a generic equivalent is available, ask your pharmacist or look it up on the drug cost simulator on our Omni mobile app or on our secure site.
  2. Shop around. You might be surprised to see how widely prices can differ—sometimes even within the same chain of pharmacies. But make sure you do your comparison shopping for all your medications at the same time. Your pharmacist needs to have the full picture of what drugs you’re taking in order to give you the right advice, which is why it could be risky to do business with more than one pharmacy.
  3. Avoid waste. When you start a new treatment, just buy a small quantity of the medication at first. Your doctor may have to change the dosage or prescribe another drug altogether.