Health and wellness accounts

If your group insurance includes a health spending account or a wellness account, your employer deposits credits in your account at the beginning of each reference year, which you can then use to pay for certain expenses.

Health spending account (HSA)

The HSA lets you use your credits to pay for health and dental expenses that aren't covered.

Your HSA credits cover:

  • Certain health and dental expenses that aren't covered under your plan
  • Deductibles or co-insurance amounts
  • Health and dental expenses above the covered maximums
  • Your premium contribution

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Wellness account

With a wellness account, you and your eligible dependents can use your credits to pay for wellness-related activities and services. It’s a holistic approach to wellness that makes it easier for you and your family to take care of your health and well-being.


  • It increases the range of benefits covered by your group insurance plan.
  • It gives you greater flexibility in your eligible expenses so you can make choices that best suit your needs and those of your family.
  • It lets you to take a more active role in managing your wellness-related expenses.

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